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April 8, 2016 at 5:36 pm #19496

Hello Rai,

It doesn’t work.

I’ve checked with Loco developer (the conversation is here: readed the Loco’s bginners guide:

1) I’ve uninstalled the plug in and deleted all the .po and .mo files in wp-content\languages and wp-content\languages\themes

2) I added to /wp-content/themes/falive-themes/style.css the following row:

Domain Path: /lang/

this because inside the Falive theme folder, where the POT file is, the sub folder language are named instead lang
(see Loco beginners guide point 3: “Before you do any translating, make sure the following folder exists on your site, and is writeable by the web server: wp-content/languages/themes . If you have automatic updates enabled this is most likely set up for you. But check it anyway” check also my conversation with Loco developer:

3. I re-installed the Loco plugin and followed all the path in the beginners guide until n°10 (I chose the global language directory, I translated, I check if the PO and MOI file exists and, yes they do. And off course I press Sync after saving the files. I press Sync also in the Template POT section in Loco.

The translation doesn’t work. Wha shouuld I do? Could you please detail cleary, step by step please?
Thank you very much