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January 25, 2016 at 3:02 pm #17962

ok Jegbagus, i’m become crazy now , I certainly do not write well in English, but I’ll try for the ‘ last time to explain, after which I give up…. 🙁

Then ….
I know that is possible to make a multilanguage site in WPML with Jphotolio, I already did it… but my question is different…
this is my website : , I ‘ve translated everything in two languages ​​, Italian and English.

But i want translate in “MULTILANGUAGE MODE” when you go up to the social icons the tooltip on mouse over ( Share on Facebook, Share on Google, Share on Twitter…etcetcc) in the blog page

There are some string that is not possible translate with WPML and then and I want to know from you how to do this.

PLEASE Help me !