Reply To: Changing font for H2, H3, etc.

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January 18, 2016 at 10:31 pm #17791

so, am i right to understand that the font switcher in customizer doesn’t actually have any affect if we use the “Clean layout for hotel” style?

it’s really getting challenging to understand just how this theme is constructed.
WHAT elements to first, second and third section fonts actually apply to in each style?
they seem to be either not applied, or totally random…
and the what about the SIZES? we should be able to adjust the sizes when we adjust the fonts in customizer, because different fonts render differently at the same size.

and if i have to use css in my child theme to fix this issue, so they are consistent, it would be helpful to have a roadmap of which “customizer” settings apply to which style elements in each style.

it’s taken me way more hours to put this site together than it should have. i’m feeling very frustrated by the apparent randomness of things.