Reply To: The website is totally dead on safari!

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January 18, 2016 at 7:36 pm #17790

Hi, I encountered the same problem. On a Safari browser (and on iPhone’s of course as well) it shows no homepage, but downloads a document right away (??). But I have found the corrupting issue (but not the solution). It is the Landing slider on the homepage that causes this. I have made several sliders to test in the beginning. First one slider with a Youtube video embedded. But later one I replaced this video slider item with a background image. If I use a slider with just one item I have no problem on a desktop. Switching back to the old one it appears again.
If I switch to ‘no heading’ the website appears again on iPhone’s.

Loading the homepage takes also a lot of time, but testing it with PageSpeed Insights I have a 100/100 score: no issues. I also got a reply from someone saying the homepage was taking a lot of time as it was downloading something from YouTube (??), but that file was deleted weeks earlier.

I work on JKreative 2.3.4 / WordPress 4.3.2

So my question is: does this sound familiar? Does this reflects other posts about RAF (request animation frame) as well? And how to cope with this?

Thanks and regards.