Reply To: Huge slow-down after WordPress 4.4.1 upgrade

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January 12, 2016 at 1:58 am #17575

hi rehwolution, i notice that you have problem with visual composer right? and i also admit that visual composer is quite heavy plugin. but it widely used on WordPress community. and now its become standard on WordPress theme industry. not including visual composer is kind of suicide for us theme developer. even if we create new or better composer plugin people still will complain about they are not too familiar with it.

if you curious about it, you can just search on google “visual composer slow”. you will get alot of thread state about it.

i notice that your website quite fast load. even if you host it on Europe that normally load slowly in Asia. so i don’t think you have problem about how fast your website loading. and i can only suggest you to use cache plugin to minimize server resource.

and when you building new page with visual composer, you can do it on your localhost if you fell that your server unable to handle it.

Thank you