Reply To: Portfolio tab not working properly

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January 7, 2016 at 3:09 am #17408

hi xiba, i really don’t know what is actually happen. if you able to give me access to your admin panel to check what is actually happen it will be very great.

on my test site, i also use wordpress 4.4 and we don’t have any problem with it. you can take a look right here (you will notice we are using wordpress 4.4.1 on the bottom right of image)

but yes, it may because server, or upgrade issues on WordPress, database foreign key issues, or other factor that causing this issues that i not really sure what is it. the issues is so random, its very hard for me to make sure what is the problem where i unable to replicate the problem. but i can assure you that its not themes issues. if its a themes issues, this support forum will be flooded with complain where we have thousand user that use this themes already (we have been in this situation before, photology and jkreativ using almost the same code so i believe it identical issues)

and for your second question, metro layout is actually a normal layout with different size of single portfolio.
if you are on single portfolio you will see this option, you can take a look at bottom page that you have option to change height and width of your portfolio

we don’t provide limitation what kind of layout you want to create, so you can create it or modify size of each block of portfolio as you need it.

Thank you