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October 28, 2015 at 6:26 am #15607

Thanks Rai. I have solved both problems!

Two more problems I have.

1) On the posts pages, I have duplicate featured image. However, if I remove the featured image on bottom right hand corner of the dashboard, it solves the duplicate image on posts, but my featured image ‘thumbnail’ disappears from the home page. I understand that if I remove the first picture on my post and set it as the featured image instead it would solve the problem. But I have over 500 posts and is there anyway where I can not manually remove the first image of every post ?

2) I just purchased this theme so I am new to buying themes and coding. I was initially a blogger user and once I have imported all my content, I am facing spacing, paragraph, line break problems. Is there anyway where I can maintain the previous html from blogger so my lines would not be messy?

Thanks so much, your help is greatly appreciated!