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July 27, 2015 at 5:13 pm #13189

Hi Dek Ery,

Disable all plugins except the required for the theme was the first thing I did.

I also checked internet speed, server speed (i have root acces), etc. Even I have a very good score on gtmetrix.

I am quite convinced that the problem is the processing by the javascript on the client side.
And it is related in some way with two sections of the home page and both have elements of type “[jeg_portfolio_item id =” 2010 “blockwidth =” 2/3 “blockheight =” 1 “image =” 1437 “]”

For some reason, if I use less than 10 of these types of elements the site works relatively well. But if you use more, the site begins to stick on the client side, even if all elements of the site are downloaded.

Appreciate your help, I’ve been working on this at least three weeks.

PD: Sorry if my English is not very good, I speak Spanish and I am using google traslator.