Reply To: FootWidget Twitter not updating new tweets & FYSIWYG text editor is poor.

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July 24, 2015 at 5:16 am #13145

Thanks for the speedy response
1. Twitter feed at foot widget is back to normal.
Q : Is there any way to control Tweet refresh speed? I’d like it to roll a bit slower than now, can you give me a custom css code to put in Jmagz DashBd?

2. Yeah let me explain : I was working EXACTLY with VC and Textblock, and every time editing the text is a pain, I can not see the Font Size, Font-Family, Format, Quote-marks, paragraph align buttons, emoticon buttons, table buttons, Page Break/ Indent/Outdent buttons, they should be there in every WordPress V4 right? Check WP Edit plugin buttons :
I want my text editor look like this but there is no such elements in my editor AT ALL, all I have is the SAME text editor buttons like this Support forum’s buttons. It doesn’t matter if I switched to WP default template or using Visual Composer, the text editor is the same as your Support forum, but not the thing I wanted. There must be something overwritten TinyMCE editor, maybe its Jmagz own text editor coz they look exactly like it here. Please let user to have a more featured test editor.

Looking forward to a solution, Cheers.