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May 4, 2015 at 8:10 pm #11366

Dek, you really need to explain yourself better, this is not acceptable. Your reply above means absolutely nothing to me!

I have the portfolio page which can be found on this url ( set to: Choose your portfolio layout (for single portfolio) – set to Extent Portfolio – Visual Composer

Choose your portfolio parent – set to Portfolio Metro no Margin. THERE IS NO OPTION TO SET THIS TO PORTFOLIO LIST PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If I set up a Page a new page as a Portfolio List Page there is absolutely no option to reference the portfolio page.

I have never struggled with any other theme from anyone else.

Please read my request below and reply with a response specifically and in adequate detail to allow me to do this within the confines of your theme:

I need a page with a number of images showcasing the work that I have done. See my ‘Work’ page for an example of this at

Each individual image must act as a link to open a further page showcasing greater detail about the work in question. I have already asked you this before but you seem to have ignored my request.