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April 15, 2015 at 8:02 am #10842

Hi Dek

I want a web structure like that ( where you can see all the web with scrolling down and when you click on a menu item you don’t change to any other page but you just go directly down to the place where that content is.

With that idea, I would like to know:

1)- wich is the main idea to do that kind of web. Is it to make diferent pages and then there is a feature where you can automatically “put them together” or the idea is to make only one page? (I suposo is the second option)

2)- If the idea is to make only 1 page, I suposo menu items are just links to a place on the page. Is it?

3)- If the idea is to make only 1 page, which is the tamplate I should use?

4) In the Import Dummy Content I don’t see the page of Could you tell me the name?

Thanks a lot