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April 10, 2015 at 12:49 am #10727

hi kairoscommunication,

1. can you update your themes to version 1.0.4 ? also please update plugin as well. i try to login into your admin panel, but we unable to upload new themes, its always prompt me FTP login.

after that, you will need to install POEDIT, and open file on jmagz-themes folder > lang. and you can edit the file.

if you have problem using POEDIT, please download this plugin :

it will make translation is very easy.

2. i have select those icon for you. its very simple step, just click the bar, and find your icon by using keyboard arrow (not scroll)

3. i notice you are using widget “WordPress Popular Post”. please ask author of this plugin for their plugin translation.

4. its work fine i see. do you still having problem?

5. after you finish install Code Styling Localization, you will able to see this image :

you will just need to copy language to italy, and translate it.

6. have you create twitter API? if no, please create it first at :
after that, you will need to wait until 6 hours minimal until all twitter refreshed.
twitter have limiting their API. so we can only refresh it not too fast, or those API will get suspended like what we have previously.