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March 18, 2015 at 3:36 pm #10088

I knocked 4 seconds of my loading time by turning off some of the flashy content. Remove the stupid starwars right click presentation they included with the theme. Either switch to simple one or just disable it since you can still access the source code via any browser anyways, Remove the loaders as they make no sense and absolutely useless.
Optimize images. If you are using photoshop, use Save For Web and you can save around 60% without seeing any degradation. Optimize image sizes as well.
Perhaps also consider re-doing your front page with less animations. They take a lot of time to load on any theme.
If you are hosting on a normal server, see if your hosting provider offers WordPress hosting. That can speed things up. You can also test it and see if maybe you can switch to a different provider. I was with 1and1 previously(they are popular in Europe,I hear) and performance was terrible as they were putting too many websites on 1 server.

I am not using the included revolution slider,but see if it has lazy loading. Turn it on. If it’s off, all the slides are loading at once,and slowing the site’s loading.

Then activate CDN + caching plugin

Either way, no client will wait more than 3-4 seconds so if website isn’t loading by then, they will leave.