Jkreativ Documentation

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Change Log

- update compatibility with woocommerce 3.0.0
- update visual composer to version 5.1.1
- fix issues with google map api key
- version issues on mega main menu
- disable responsive parameter for vc column
- update woocommerce user registration
- update visual composer to version 5.0.1
- update compatibility with woocommerce
- update revolution slider to version 5.3.1
- add google map api key
- update facebook share count
- update Font Awesome into v4.6.3
- twitter widget causing issues with the whole website, and need to be disabled
- fix issues with mega main menu
- fix issues with loaded image
- fix slow animation on vc row
- update visual composer integration to ver 4.11.2
- update revolution slider version to
- update compatibility with woocommerce 2.5.5
- fix issues during first creating of portfolio
- update WooCoomerce Integration to version 2.5.0
- fix integration with visual composer
- twitter share fix
- ability to install plugin from child themes
- update WooCoomerce Integration to version 2.4.13
- uppdate visual composer into version 4.9.2
- update visual composer into version 4.7.4
- Fix issues for first time install (without jkreativ plugin)
- Remove favico because its already handled from WordPress Customizer
- Update Visual Composer into version 4.7
- Add new feature on portfolio
- javascript unique array from javascript array prototype to javascript function
- update WooCommerce integration to version 2.4.2
- Update Visual Composer into version 4.6.2
- update Revolution Slider to version
- Fix 404 portfolio issues
- Fix several word missing on PO / MO
- Update Visual Composer into version 4.5.2
- Fix image stacking on mobile
- Add copyright on mobile menu
- update WooCoomerce Integration to version 2.3.11
- update Revolution Slider to version 4.6.93
- compress changed javascript file
- fix comment button disapear
- fix Full text slider button click problem
- fix disappeared category on portfolio problem
- fix shop problem when set as front page
- Update Visual composer to version 4.4.3
- Update WooCommerce to version 2.3.8
- Image fallback untuk mobile parallax
- Title disappear on single ajax portfolio
- Update TGM plugin activation
- Remove Image size checker on WordPress Importer that causing image import failed
- add option on service block to have URL option
- update themes to fit with latest Visual composer 4.4.2
- update themes to fit with WooCommerce 2.3.3
- update revolution slider to version 4.6.5
- update js composer to compatible with version WordPress 4.1
- fix accordion problem
- enable Fulltext slider HTML 5 background for IE
- update revolution slider to version 4.6.5
- update compatibility to woocommerce 2.2.10
- update compatibility with WordPress 4.1.0 (remove title tag to handle with WordPress)
- provide ability to filter category on landing page blog list
- change portfolio URL listen on portfolio list to append portfolio parent url
- fix portfolio side menu meta lost
- language switcher for two line navigation
- hot fix, PHP above 5.3 version unable to recognize anonymous function
- upgrade jkreativ plugin to version 1.2.1
- fix upload problem when loading external url / media
- fix music player not working on WordPress 4
- fix image select problem when thumbnail not available
- Show more detail notification about jkreativ plugin update which many user forget to upgrade / dismiss TGM plugin notification
- fix input slider problem on visual composer
- remove script that disable heathbeat, its causing some backend script not working
- Make backend faster, on portfolio & page
- Provide hover title for portfolio video for side content portfolio
- Update jkreativ plugin version to 1.2.0
- Update Revolution slider to version 4.6.0
- Update visual composer to version 4.3.3
- Disable WordPress Heartbeat
- Fix twitter & google plus share problem
- Fix navigation scroll problem
- Fix child themes doesn't load child style
- update jkreativ plugin version to version 1.1.1
- fixing alternate text lost from media gallery
- remove design option from textblock visual composer
- add notification to disable WordPress importer
- only show pricing & team when legacy section builder enabled
- fix gallery load more error
- Enable one click import demo data
- Update masonry script (isotope) to version 2.0.0
- Add category & tag detail on bottom of blog post
- Use another kenburn script to make it more responsive
- Automatically add WPML flag (when using top navigation) and menu (if using side navigation)
- Use textarea instead input text to second line top navigation additional text, it will give ability to insert html tag too
- add VK social flag
- fix category filter lost on portfolio
- add option to upload favico
- Pinterest on blog refixed
- top transparent fixed
- Pinterest share portfolio fixed
- Mega menu on second child fixed
- top navigation disappear
- fix vc button shortcode
- fix transparent navigation problem
- user normal shortcode processing instead using vc autowp removal, to make shortcode processing easier on texteditor vc element
- Integrate Visual Composer with JKreativ Themes
- Fix crash causing of multiple style load cause of Mega Main Menu
- Remove license check when installing plugin
- Add class to open Movie Credit
- hot fix for shortcode on credit disappear
- fix cleanup shortcode method
- share translation on blog
- fix portfolio arrange position bug when filter executed
- fix twitter problem, and provide cacheing method for twitter feed
- don't load twitter oauth if its already loaded by another plugin
- integrate flickr widget new API
- provide option to disable smooth scroll
- Several shortcode fix for W3C Compatibility
- Create jkreativ own menu that hold several menu functionality
- add envato wordpress toolkit into TGM list for easier themes update
- Fix top nav menu color override by flat & dark css
- fix mobile nav search customizer bug
- WPML Integration
- update plugin to version 1.1.0 to fit with Jkreativ Themes 1.1.0
- remove global iframe, object, embeed, video absolute position. This will fix problem when user trying to load other iframe or object usage.
- use H1 instead of H2 on single page
- fix translation for several word, also update PO & MO
- add feature for custom font uploader
- fix bug on video background remove javascript calculation on video size, use user input instead
- add feature, blog section on landing page
- add portfolio into rss feed
- add feature to switch position of media content on portfolio side content (previously added on media gallery - side content)
- add disqus comment support
- make jkreativ compatible with child themes, also include jkreativ child starter template
- update plugin to version 1.0.3 to fit with Jkreativ Themes 1.0.3
- add 500px social icon
- add feature to show image caption on gallery
- add feature to switch position of media content (side media content) from top to bottom
- update version of image loaded javascript to version 3.1
- fix problem on fulltext slider on IE
- Fix fetching logo metchanism
- Fix dark style for mega menu
- Fix Navigation Top Woocommerce Image
- Initial Release