Portfolio problems (archive page and more)

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    June 27, 2014 at 6:58 pm #779


    I found your portfolio system kind hard to use for a photopgrapher, and need some help:

    1. Portfolio archive templete seems using the same as blog archive, but does not show any thumb images. How to fix this?

    2. How to show current category on single portfolio side content page?

    I can use Meta box, but need to be written by hands, not good. I can put a code in php if you can tell me how. I want it to show like this:
    Filled under: cat1, cat2, cat7
    And by clicking cat 1, the visitor goes to portfolio archive page. —But there again, the portfolio archive page need to be fixed first. Or goes to the filter, but the filter has ?catid in address, not very friendly if I want to send a link to a customer.


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    June 28, 2014 at 4:22 am #800

    Hi Hans,

    About portfolio, we try to give new user experience in our portfolio template. With our portfolio template, you can use our built-in filter function to show portfolio list with certain category. Because of that we are not using default archive template which is currently use for blog.

    Regarding to your questions 1 & 2 which is related, it needs some customisation to make it possible. But, we will consider it (portfolio archive & category links on single portfolio) to be enabled on Jkreativ on next update.

    Thank you

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    June 28, 2014 at 10:37 am #814


    1. On mobile divices, you cannot achive what you said: “use our built-in filter function to show portfolio list with certain category.” Only the main menu is shown on ipad/iphone, which is what I use mostly these days to show my works out of office.

    2. On desktop, as I said, one can only see the list (small and not so visible) on profile listing page, not from single profile page.

    3. On single page, one can click the next profile, but that lead to the VERY NEXT according to order, not next in the same category.

    To sum it up, the current profile system do need a boost for lager photography site.

    In general, i really love this theme’s framework! It is the best theme I ever bought so far! Nice work!

    When is the planned release date for next update? Possible to provide some quick fix with several lines of php code to echo the current category(ies) name in a template (say side-content) and then a link to that filter?


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    June 28, 2014 at 11:22 am #816

    I tried to work around by adding a link menu item linked to:
    But that takes me back to the sigle “test” page instead of the filtered category page (“fotograf” is my slug for portfolio). So no way to work aroud. You have expect people click the “profile list” to get to any category, and s/he has to be not using tablet or mobile.

    This reminds me another thing. The ?filter=20, I would like to use the category slug instead of ID. SEO friendly perhaps, but at least more readable for a visitor to see which category they are in now.

    Again, great theme, everything else works great except the profile function I needed most as a photographer. And this theme is filed under “Photography” on Themeforest!!

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    June 28, 2014 at 12:40 pm #821

    1. you can use this code :

    2. i don’t really understand what do you mean profile listing page. can you give me screenshot which element you refer to ?

    3. what is next profile? i don’t really get what do you mean about next profile so i unable to proceed your question any further.

    yes i also get suggestion to add category, we will add it on next feature.

    Thank you

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    June 28, 2014 at 12:50 pm #822

    hi z4m3, , actually this filtering option is not WordPress kind of feature. We made some modification for that. and i think there will be very low number of WordPress themes that work as close as feature we give. Even for filtering content, or next prev to match category sequence and any else feature that we include.

    but your concern is noted and it will also be good feature for this themes, we will take a look what we can do about this.

    Thank you

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    June 28, 2014 at 2:05 pm #837

    Hi Jegbagus,

    1. The ccs code does not work on iPhone. The float filter shows, but when clicking on a category, the page do not load the content.
    Suggestions: Place it as an icon at the position where the search shows, and dropdown as main menu icon works? As an option for sites which do not need much search function such as a photographer’s. (BTW, the search icon still shows on mobile despite the fact that I have disabled it).

    2. I mean the portfolio list (filter) appears only on the portfolio main page (listing the galleries). From there, if you click on a gallery and enter that gallery (listing the pictures), the filter list is gone.
    Suggestions: show the filter list even on single-portfolio template page, and show the name of the current categories and link to them (placed above the PREV LIST NEXT, same style as a metabox style)

    3. My bad, if you enter a gallery by filter it first, it goes to the NEXT gallery in the same category. GOOD!

    a) to be able to custum the slug of “portfolio-category” name.
    b) to have an option to show a menu (or expand the portfolio list) on the top bar for a side-navigation site.
    c) to have an option to add a widget (text or portfolio list) to the left side panel of side-content page.
    d) to have an option to replace the PREV NEXT with nice arrows, and LIST with a “home” icon.
    e) to add a single-column-portfolio template layout, as it shows on this site: of a top level photographer. Preferably add SHORTLIST | FB | TWITTER under each image. AND LOOK AT the shortlist function, it allows one collect and download images chosen! Very useful for promoting one’s images via agents. Best photographer site I ever seen.

    I would like to empgasize the importance of single-columned portfolio page for a photographer site. If you have only 2-6 images to show in a portfolio gallery (best shots from a job), for a quick overview of all images in full format (1800px height suits best for portrait images on screen), to scroll the middle mouse or scroll bar of the browser is much faster than click click click…. close full screen… back… then again click…

    All themes I have seen and bought (10+) seems forgot that simplicity is gold. By using lightbox, as many do these days, a photographer site become very click-heavy.

    Well, hoping for the next release coming soon! Keep up the good job!

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    June 28, 2014 at 11:19 pm #846

    hi z4m3, thank you for your suggestion, i see your comment and we also need to consider every of suggestion made by our buyers. you know our client is having different thought and also different need. we will take a look which one is important and which one is less important.

    right now we already having list, what to do for next update, which need to get more attention, and which one will implemented in future update.

    btw to create something like this :, you can use our portfolio (extend portfolio), you can take a look at here :

    you can arrange your own image right there. you can also provide link to download it there. it basically landing page in form of portfolio.

    but i quite agree with your argument that people may not like too much click, that is why we create side content portfolio, and you can also use full width image size to cater your need. i think its more suitable for you.

    it can be something like this, but on portfolio :

    Thank you

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