There are few things that we’ll explain to you on this part :

  1. Managing Menu Locations
  2. Mega Menu Category

If you’re not familiar yet working with WordPress Menu, please follow this link for more detail about it.


1. Manage Menu Locations

With JNews, you are provided 4 different locations of menu that you can use on your website.

You can set up these menu locations from WordPress Admin → Appearance → Menus and click Mange Locations tab.


2. Mega Menu Category

We also provide built-in mega menu especially for category. With this feature you will be able to show post list on your menu. You can choose which post will appear on the menu dropdown by using the filter option available.

As you can see on the image above, you can see Mega Menu and Mega Menu Category tab on menu item panel. Please check the following explanation below about mega menu :

Mega Menu

  • Mega Menu Type
    Choose mega menu layout that you want to use for the current mega menu.

Mega Menu Category

  1. Choose Category
    Select which category that you want to use for the current mega menu.
  2. Number of Post
    Set the number of post shown for the current mega menu.
  3. Trending Tag
    Choose which post tag that you want set as trending tag for the current mega menu. Please note, this option will works only for Mega Menu Style 2.