Split Post

You can break your content into several page to gain more click. With JNews, we provide feature for you to split your content by header tag. By using this feature on your post, it will increase page views and reduce bounce rate of your site. We also provide several option, so your split content can be more interactive.

On this part, we will guide you how to use split post feature with JNews that only take a few minutes.


JNews Split Post Plugin

To enable split post feature on your website, you just need to install JNews – Split Post plugin. You can easily to install and activate this plugin from Plugin Dashboard by go to JNews Dashboard → Plugin


Setup Split Post

Right after you’ve done with the plugin activation, next you can setup split post into certain post. You can follow the instruction below :

  1. First, go to edit certain post on your website that you want to split the post content.
  2. If you’ve been select a post, then at the bottom section you will notice JNews : Split Post metabox.
  3. After you turning on Enable Post Split option, Post Split Option panel will occurs.

    As you can see the image on above, you will notice there’re several options that you need to set it up.

    • Post Split Template
      On this option you can choose post split template that you want to use.
    • Split Post Tag
      On this option you can choose which heading tag that you want to use as split filter of the current post.
    • Split Header Numbering
      On this option you can choose the numbering type of split header.
    • Load Mode for Post Split
      On this option you can choose load more method for the split post.


Split Post Preview

The following attached image below are the post split preview.