Footer Instagram

Instagram is a social networking application that made for sharing photos and videos directly on your smartphone. Like Facebook and Twiiter, Instagram provide a user profile and a news feed feature on their apps.

Now with JNews, you even can show your latest Instagram feed on Post, Page, Widget or Footer on your website. On this part, we will guide you how to show your Instagram feed on Footer with JNews Footer Instagram.


JNews Instagram Plugin

To enable Footer Instagram Feed on your website, you just need to install JNews – Gallery plugin. You can easily to install and activate this plugin from Plugin Dashboard by go to JNews Dashboard → Plugin


Footer Instagram Feed Setting

Right after you’ve done with the plugin activation, next you can setup the plugin settings to fit with your website need. On this part we will guide you how to setup footer Instagram feed with JNews.

You can access footer Instagram feed option by simply hit the Option button on the Plugin Dashboard or go to JNews Dashboard → Customize Style → JNews : Footer Option → Footer Instagram

  1. Enable Footer Instagram
    Choose Show option to enable footer Instagram feed feature or choose Hide option if you won’t using this feature.
  2. Instagram Username
    Insert your Instagram username without @.
  3. Number Of Rows
    Setup the number of feed rows that you want to show for footer Instagram feed.
  4. Number Of Columns
    Setup the number of feed columns that you want to show for footer Instagram feed.
  5. Sort Feed Type
    On this option you can choose sort type of your Instagram feed.
  6. Hover Style
    On this option you can choose hover style of footer Instagram feed.
  7. Follow Button Text
    On this option you can insert text for Instagram follow button. Leave blank if you won’t show it.
  8. Open New Tab
    Enable this option if you want to open link in new tab when Instagram follow button or Instagram feed hitted.

Footer Instagram Feed will only compatible with Footer Style 5 and Footer Style 6. For more complete information about Footer Type please follow this url.